We take a closer look at SUD Lisboa, one of Portugal’s top celebrity hangout spots and the driving force behind its success, Salomé Gorgiladze.

Ah, Portugal! The land that stag dos and hen parties forgot. Understandably, there is nothing that we Brits love more than to escape to a place somewhere in the sun.

For decades, this has meant a quick flight over to Spain, Ibiza or for the really adventurous, Greece. But unfortunately, not to sound too uppity, this has meant that most of these fabulous beaches, resorts and hot-spots we visit to get away from it all, becomes something like a street pub on tour. Now, I don’t know about you, but my idea of escaping to paradise does not involve a group of guys falling about, chugging a yard of beer while a girl with running mascara interrupts your entrance or exit to a champaign bar asking if you would like to buy her passes to an all-night rave in a restaurant’s basement. This is where Portugal comes in.

Portugal has rather discreetly been establishing itself as the go-to destination for true escapism over the last few years. With no paparazzi, this golden-beached paradise has become a safe-haven for the world’s celebs, billionaires and glitterati alike. Although there are many places up and down the coasts of Portugal that attract the most decerning clientele, perhaps none are more favoured than SUD Lisboa.

SUD Lisboa - Lisbon's Go-To Celebrity Spot

Having recently celebrated its third anniversary, SUD Lisboa’s popularity with the global who’s who has by no means diminished.


Perched on the riverfront of the Belém area, with fabulous views, SUD Lisboa enjoys an atmosphere that feels more like that of a private member’s club than an upscale restaurant and bar.

But this is not by pure happenstance. This seemingly naturally cultivated atmosphere has been carefully created, curated and driven by the Business Development Director of SUD Lisboa and SANA hotels, Salomé Gorgiladze.

Business Development Director of SUD Lisboa and SANA, Salomé Gorgiladze
Salomé Gorgiladze

Her holistic approach and attention to detail has resulted in creating a feeling, not an atmosphere.

“SUD Lisboa continues to focus on offering quality customer service, from its cuisine to its excellent entertainment, to its capacity for innovation. All of these elements place it among the best destinations in the city” comments Gorgiladze.

It is this mixture of offering and her unique outlook that has made SUD Lisboa the international hotspot where names like Valentino, Monica Bellucci, Madonna, Michael Fassbender and Cindy Crawford have popped in for a drink or two.

SUD Lisboa - Lisbon's Go-To Celebrity Spot

Salomé Gorgiladze’s deep grasp and understanding of internationalism came from her upbringing. Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, educated in Switzerland and then having moved to Portugal, where her father inaugurated the first embassy of Georgia in Portugal, her multi-cultural experience has resulted in a unique understanding of the international jet set on a very direct and personal level.

Designed by the renowned architect Antoine Pinto, SUD Lisboa consists of two main buildings SUD Lisboa Terrazza and SUD Lisboa Hall.

SUD Lisboa - Lisbon's Go-To Celebrity Spot

With a sprawling floor space of 1 000 sqm, SUD Lisboa Terrazza is a gastronomic haven that oozes sophistication, elegance and let us not forget to mention the fabulous panoramic views. The Mediterranean inspired menu has something for everyone and is under the firm guiding hand of Executive Chef Patrick Lefeuvre. As those of you who are gastronomic enthusiasts might know, Chef Patrick previously served as Executive Sous-Chef at the Ritz Four Seasons Hotel in Lisbon. We highly recommend the garlic black tiger shrimp which is the perfect bit of nosh to enjoy accompanied by a cocktail.

SUD Lisboa - Lisbon's Go-To Celebrity Spot

Located on the roof of the SUD Lisboa Terrazza sits the cosmopolitan SUD Pool Lounge area and is the ultimate destination to soak up the warm Mediterranean sun. With its glistening infinity pool and magnificent views of the Tejo river with its iconic 25 de Abril Bridge, is not just a space but a ‘vibe’.

SUD Lisboa - Lisbon's Go-To Celebrity Spot

With the pool open from 10 am to 6 pm from April to September, visitors can enjoy the sun, pool and food while the background is filled with tropical beats provided by the in house DJ, who is on the decks from 6 pm to midnight. The menu at the SUD Pool Lounge area is extremely varied and offers everything from crisp salads to Mediterranean inspired snack.

The SUD Lisboa Hall, on the other hand, is an exclusive private event space where patrons are able to host a multitude of events and parties in complete privacy and seclusion whilst still enjoying that undeniable SUD Lisboa atmosphere. When commenting on this space, Salomé Gorgiladze added, “We have hosted prestigious international events here. From the sophisticated gala that launched OMEGA watches in Portugal and which featured former top model Cindy Crawford, to the awards ceremony for E! Channel Entertainment, to the arrival of HBO in Portugal, SUD Lisboa Hall has been centre stage of many unforgettable moments”.

SUD Lisboa - Lisbon's Go-To Celebrity Spot

What is perhaps one of the secret ingredient’s to SUD Lisboa’s continuous success is that is continually changing to meet its client’s demands.

Now, we have all been there. You are strolling along the banks of the river on your holiday and would like to enjoy a nibble but there are times when you simply don’t want to enter a restaurant (even if it is right next to the river). Well, once again Salomé Gorgiladze and her team has anticipated this as well and the result is the launch of the new SUD Kiosk Café. With a selection of fresh fruits, delicious and restorative fruit juices, crisp cold salads and (we cannot emphasise this enough) delicious artisanal gelato, the SUD Kiosk Café is the perfect spot to quickly grab a take away after which you are able to carry on your exploration of the city.

SUD Lisboa - Lisbon's Go-To Celebrity Spot

Salomé Gorgiladze concluded, “We are now undergoing an enviable phase of consolidation and are ideally positioned to offer a distinctive, versatile and modern lifestyle to our various types of clients in the vibrant Portuguese capital.”

This innovative business strategy has resulted in an evergreen hot spot. One that is able to anticipate the needs of its diverse and cosmopolitan clientele. It is a place where you can truly unwind and soak up the sun. One that feels personal and atmospheric. A place where you can relax and truly escape in.

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