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Innovator. Internationalist. Optimist. Meet Salomé Gorgiladze, Sana Hotels

"Business Development Director and Executive Board Member, Salomé Gorgiladze, has emerged as a brand ambassador for SANA Hotels. Andrew Forbes heads to Lisbon to discover how this visionary is helping to shape the future of the international leisure and hospitality group."

Less than 20 years ago Portugal was attracting a little over 5 million international visitors a year. In 2019, according to the national tourism authority, Turismo de Portugal, that figure stood at over 24 million. That’s more than double the national population.

The Hidden Jewel of Europe

Salomé Gorgiladze is the first to agree, “for quite a long time, Portugal remained as a hidden jewel of Europe”. Over recent years, she has fallen in love with her adoptive home, and is happy that the country is now recognised internationally for “the beauty of its capital, Lisbon, the country’s unique climate, delicious cuisine, fascinating heritage and monumental architecture, compelling price/quality correlation, and above all, the natural warmth and hospitality of the Portuguese people”.
During those last two decades SANA Hotels has been investing in Portugal’s international future, creating a collection of 16 properties showcasing the absolute best in hospitality; as well as experimenting and innovating with new ways to create remarkable and memorable experiences for business and leisure travellers.

Salome considers herself privileged to be part of this investment in “sophisticated restaurants, hotels and innovative concepts that continue to position Portugal as a highly desirable destination for business and leisure tourists. And it’s an honour to be a contributor for this positive and exciting development”.

A business firebrand, Salomé Gorgiladze joined SANA Hotels in 2015, at first bringing her international perspective and passion for people to the new SANA project, SUD Lisboa, (the unique Lisbon waterside venue that opened in 2017), and later to the group as a whole, as Business Development Director.