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SUD Lisboa – Lisbon’s Go-To Celebrity Hot Spot

We take a closer look at SUD Lisboa, one of Portugal’s top celebrity hangout spots and the driving force behind its success, Salomé Gorgiladze.

Ah, Portugal! The land that stag dos and hen parties forgot. Understandably, there is nothing that we Brits love more than to escape to a place somewhere in the sun.

For decades, this has meant a quick flight over to Spain, Ibiza or for the really adventurous, Greece. But unfortunately, not to sound too uppity, this has meant that most of these fabulous beaches, resorts and hot-spots we visit to get away from it all, becomes something like a street pub on tour. Now, I don’t know about you, but my idea of escaping to paradise does not involve a group of guys falling about, chugging a yard of beer while a girl with running mascara interrupts your entrance or exit to a champaign bar asking if you would like to buy her passes to an all-night rave in a restaurant’s basement. This is where Portugal comes in.

Portugal has rather discreetly been establishing itself as the go-to destination for true escapism over the last few years. With no paparazzi, this golden-beached paradise has become a safe-haven for the world’s celebs, billionaires and glitterati alike. Although there are many places up and down the coasts of Portugal that attract the most decerning clientele, perhaps none are more favoured than SUD Lisboa.

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