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Best Beach Clubs and Pool Lounges around Lisbon.

SUD Pool Lounge is arguably the coolest rooftop in town. At least it is when you dive into the cool water of the infinity pool, which seems to blur with the Tejo below. There’s a feeling of being on top of the world.

The design is glamorous—the owners were going for an “international hot spot” vibe, reminiscent of Mykonos, St.-Tropez, or Marbella. The views of the April 25 bridge and Cristo Rei remind you that you’re still in Lisbon. When we visited, the crowd was sophisticated, safetly distanced, and very chilled out. The attentive, friendly staff treats everyone like a VIP—it’s never difficult to catch someone’s eye to order a drink or have your sun umbrella moved. And when an A-Lister like Madonna, Sharon Stone, and Michael Fassbinder drops by (as they do), no one makes a big fuss.

By day, it functions as a relaxed pool hangout: Buying a full- or half-day pass gets you access to the pool, a sun lounger, and towel, as well as the vibe. Come late afternoon, the staff clears away the sun loungers and turns the deck into a lounge area with tables for drinks or food. Lights come on in the water, and DJs provide the music. A separate, covered area is set up for restaurant-style dining.

For day or night, there’s a new menu from chef Patrick Lefeuvre (who also prepares contemporary Mediterranean cuisine for the adjacent SUD Lisboa restaurant). Signature cocktails include the refreshing SUD Ale, with Tanqueray N° 10 gin, Porto Dalva branco doce, ginger ale, cucumber, and orange zest, and the nicely piquant Smack-quiri, with Plantation rum, Casamigos mezcal, pineapple, and lime. If poolside bubbles are more your thing, the Champagne list includes luxury bottles from Veuve Cliquot and Dom Perignon.

Since the sunset views are captivating, you might as well stick around for dinner. Like the restaurant, the lounge menu has a Mediterranean accent, with dishes in the lounge include Burrata de Andria with tomatoes and basil pesto (delicious!), and pizzas with gourmet ingredients like proscuitto di pata negra belota, truffles, and San Marzano tomatoes.