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Time to pop Champagne for a joyous celebration with SUD LISBOA

Time to pop the Champagne and get in the mood for a joyous celebration!

Conceived less than half a decade ago, the SANA Hotels dreamed of redefining Portugal as the jewel of international hospitality, and four years later, that dream has turned into reality.

Creating a luxurious hospitality experience is nothing short of an art. And SANA Hotels has claimed the domain by providing multiple heavenly escapes all over Portugal.

This brings us to one of its most coveted jewels, the SUD Lisboa.

SUD Lisboa is the perfect rendition of Lisbon’s pristine beauty, eclectic culture, iconic cuisine and larger-than-life lifestyle. It is a clear depiction of the determination and the sincere promise that the team at SANA Hotels has made; to bring the unique blend of Portuguese culture and landscape to the forefront of bespoke international travel. Such elaborate goals and the resulting success don’t just rest on the perfect execution of plans but call for inspirational leadership and a vision to drive the venture to its manifestation.

This is where our indispensable Business Development Director & Executive Member of SANA Hotels, Salomé Gorgiladze, presents herself as the driving force behind this venture. So it is no surprise that the rise of the SANA Hotels in the echelons of global bespoke hospitality coincides with Salome’s association with the company.

From her roots in Georgia to pursue her dream education in International Relationships, Management and Psychology in Switzerland, she understands the importance of cultivating relationships in any business.

Before embarking on the SUD Lisboa journey, she got considerable exposure at the private equity firm Global Emerging Markets. There she whetted her business and analytical skills, gaining the first-hand experience of running multiple ventures that came her way throughout her career.

Like a perfect movie plot, these business interactions led her back to Portugal, her greatest love. Here, in a bid to pursue an MBA degree, she found her place with SANA Hotels. And the rest, as they say, is history.

These four years have seen the SANA Hotels Chain expand its exquisite profile to thirteen bespoke hotels in Portugal. These success tales include state-of-the-art projects like the EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel, Myriad by SANA Hotels, and EPIC SANA Marques Hotel.