SUD Lisboa, The Crown Jewel Of Portugal’s Bar Scene

Germany Press In recent times, the naturally gifted landscape of Southern Europe has become the fascination of the tourism world. The friendly climate, sultry coastlines, and the picturesque landscape add handsomely to the proposition of shaping a dream trip for anyone who wants to witness nature at its best. Talking about the southern Europe strip […]

The Coolest Hotspot and Most Magical Sunsets

Germany Press hile we did shop till we dropped, we couldn’t ignore the bar culture in Lisbon. And I know it may sound a bit clichéd here, but let me say this: the good old “riding into the sunset” is the epitome of all the beautiful things that can happen in life! When in Lisbon, […]

Time to pop Champagne for a joyous celebration with SUD LISBOA

Germany Press Time to pop the Champagne and get in the mood for a joyous celebration! Conceived less than half a decade ago, the SANA Hotels dreamed of redefining Portugal as the jewel of international hospitality, and four years later, that dream has turned into reality. Creating a luxurious hospitality experience is nothing short of […]